Vision + Values

the beliefs that drive our process

We focus on gaining a deep understanding of your organization and building a long-term partnership to technology solutions that help you operate more efficiently and communicate more effectively. Once we get to know your business, we figure out just the right solutions for your organization, your budget, and your needs.

Start beautiful friendships.

We're not just another contractor — we're your partners, working with you, not for you, to deliver attractive, responsive web design and efficient software that fits your needs. It’s crucial to us that we get to know our clients and understand their business before we ever write a line of code. Our goal isn’t just to build the best sites and applications; we also want to build relationships that last beyond launch day.

Technology should be simple.

You worry about steering your ship; we’ll take care of the technology that propels it forward. Simplicity and ease of use drive our design and development process. Our development team builds intelligent, creative websites and nimble software to help you drive new business, market yourself online and become more efficient — all in a package that’s easy for non-technical users to understand and manage.

Adapt to the environment.

Like most tech people, we have our preferences. But while we may think, for instance, that DNN provides the ideal range of customizability and management capabilities for website building, we’re willing and able to go an alternate route if it makes sense for the client and the project. If you’ve got entrenched technology or strong preferences, we’ll adapt to the way you want to do business. We look at it like this: While the road may be different, the destination is the same.

Build things that work.

It may sound trite, but this is the most important one. We know it can be incredibly frustrating to deal with software that doesn’t work, regardless of the reason. That’s why we pour ourselves into extensive user testing and bug fixing — so that we can continually deliver ever-improving functionality until the point when we deliver a finished piece of software, and it works. Period.

Our people are our business.

While technology is our field, our relationships with our clients drive our development process. The people on our side are just as important. We believe that if you hire talented folks and give them a great place to work, everyone wins. While we may not have a Googleplex to offer our employees, the fundamentals are the same: find talented people with the right attitude, nurture the growth of their skills, and provide an environment that makes them want to stay and keep growing with us.

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