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How Your Online Productivity Is Affecting Your Professionalism

We show up to work every Monday, cup of coffee in hand and determination on the mind, promising this week will be more productive and less stressful than the previous. Surely enough, Friday rolls around and we realize how many tasks are still on our to-do list. You’re not alone, surveys show that over 60% of professionals find themselves distracted during the workweek by none other than our frenemy: the Internet. 

This week, we want you to get into gear by establishing some ground rules: get focused, prioritize your time, and limit your online distractions. Add these extensions to your browser, and watch your week transform into your most productive yet. 


No matter how fast the internet is, browsing the web during work always slows down our productivity, e.g., infographics and cat videos.

Imagus is an add-on that allows users to simply hover over an image, video, or even a link to view an enlarged pop-up player of the picture or video. Being able to load an image or video on hover is a fast way to navigate around the web rather than waiting for pages to load, opening a million tabs, and having to click back and forth. All in all, Imagus provides a time efficient way to view media on the web. 


It happens to the best of us. We’re opening our browsers and becoming immediately distracted by the endless possibilities of websites to visit and browse. 

Momentum changes how Google Chrome users see their browser by replacing the typical “New Tab” home screen with an aesthetically pleasing productivity dashboard. The dashboard features a personal greeting, the time, your daily focus, and your to-do list. All your plans are juxtaposed on the dashboard with a motivating daily quote and a beautiful background to inspire you, rather than overwhelm you. You’ll always remain on task when opening your browser with Momentum—and relaxed, too. 


While rushing throughout our day, we sometimes fail to see that our emails, group chats, and other forms of online writing have spelling and grammar issues. 

Grammarly is a writing enhancement platform that helps catch grammar flaws, spelling errors, and typos by underlining all your writing errors in bright red. Hover over your mistakes and Grammarly provides precise edit suggestions. Don’t be fooled by thinking this a tool just for writers. This add-on is for everyone in the workforce who doesn’t want their typos to define them. 


We know we’re supposed to be checking our work email, but instead, we’re getting sucked into social media phenomena. 

StayFocusd is a premiere productivity add-on that reduces the time users spend on certain websites—e.g. social media. You log your distracting websites in StayFocused, allocate yourself view time, and the add-on will restrict you from accessing the sites for the rest of the day once your time is up. Pro Tip: Double your dose of productivity by getting in the habit of opening up your Momentum dashboard once you're done with your distractions! 

Zach Hitchens is currently interning with Brio Solutions. He has been with Brio since August 2016. Check back every other week to read more about Zach's projects, lessons learned, and overall experience as a member of our team.

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