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Series 2 of 3: Developing the Next Big App

This is our second blog of our series Developing the Next Big App. Get caught up with our first blog of the series here. 

Since you’re back, I’ll assume you’ve come up with an app idea! Now you’re wondering where to start, right? No worries, as promised there will be tips for both non-developers and developers. Just as a reminder: A project without a plan will almost always fail. Things like apps need structure, development plans need to be broken down into detail, and you need to be prepared. Here are the next steps you should take now that you have your big idea: 

Do your research
Not every idea is unique. Find out if someone else has already created the type of app you’re looking to make. If so, it’s your job to make it better. How will you beat your competition? You have to ensure your app will be better than the ones that are already on the market.

Perfect your pitch
If you aren’t a developer, you are going to need to pitch your idea to someone who can develop the app for you. Sit down, take a deep breath, and write your ideas out. Explain the app’s purpose, talk about competition, and describe the benefits—and remember, be persuasive. 

Create a visual 
Every app needs a mock up of a visual representation before it can be developed and designed. Whether in Photoshop or on a sheet of paper, design, map out, or draw what the app looks like in your mind and how you want it to be displayed in real life. 

Know your features
What are all the capabilities of your app? Come up with a list of features the app needs to be a success. Not sure what a feature is? Take Uber for an example; among many others, Uber has a feature that will text the user’s phone when their ride is arriving. To put it simply, whatever your app will ‘do’ should be considered a feature. 

Plan to profit
You have to consider the future. Once your time and money are spent, you’ll have the app of your dreams. The big question is how will you repay yourself? The answer: Let your app do the it. There are a couple of ways to make apps profitable:
In-app purchases
In-app advertising
Freemium apps
Paid apps

If you miss even one of the above steps, it can and will delay your app development timeline. Oh, did I say timeline? Find out about timelines, budgets, and more in the final blog of my series, Developing the Next Big App. You’re almost ready to begin! 

Nazhir Jackson
 is the newest (and youngest) intern at Brio Solutions. He enjoys blogging because it gives him the opportunity to be creative every once in awhile outside of coding. Check back every other week to hear more from him!


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