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Series 3 of 3: Developing the Next Big App

This is our third blog of our series Developing the Next Big App. Get caught up with our last blog of the series here. 

I'm happy you’re back for more helpful tips! In today's blog, the tips will be more development and business focused than the previous blog, but they are essential to following through with creating an app. Here are your final steps:

Know your budget 
Once you have your pitch, a visual representation of your app, and your feature list you need to nail down how much you’re willing to realistically spend to make it all come to life. Determine your budget, present your pitch, receive a few proposals, and decide where you’ll need to cut corners. To get an idea here is a great article on how much it could costs to develop an app.


Choose a platform
From iOS, Android, to Windows, choose one platform to develop on. You could attempt to develop a hybrid, but choosing one platform to focus on will narrow down the features you will have, what frameworks you’re going to use, etc.


Test target devices
Know which device or devices you'll want to view your app on during testing. Deciphering the different devices your app will be used on is essential for testing because all devices have different screen ratios, meaning your app functionality can change per device. 


Work on a development timeline
When working on an app from scratch it’s essential to keep track of time from beginning to end. You want to set deadlines, making sure developers stay on track, and figure out how to bounce back from delays and setbacks


By following all the steps in my series you should be on the right track to a successful app! Now go, be great, and make the next Snapchat!

Nazhir Jackson
 is the newest (and youngest) intern at Brio Solutions. He enjoys blogging because it gives him the opportunity to be creative every once in awhile outside of coding. Check back every other week to hear more from him!


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