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Code Challenges: Hone Your Skills, Win Money, and Find Your Dream Job

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to improve your coding ability? Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there are actually many resourceful websites to keep your coding skills sharp with coding challenge platforms.

What are coding challenge platforms? It’s straightforward. They’re online communities where you can access countless challenges to solve with code. Coding challenge platforms are not only good for advancing yourself, but they’re also great for joining a larger community, competing for prizes, and best of all scoring a job. Facebook, Uber, Quora, Yahoo!, Evernote, and many more use these websites for coding-based technical recruiting to find their best talent. 

When you challenge yourself on these platforms, it’s guaranteed that you’ll not only get better at writing code, but you will become a better real-world problem solver too. The community aspect though varies across platforms, whether it’s having your code scored and compared to other users or participating in competitions against others for fun or for money, or a combination of both. 

Not only will you get better at solving problems, algorithms, and coding but there are a variety of other perks of joining a coding challenge platform! If that doesn’t sound great then, I don’t know what does. Below are some links to start practicing today if you’re really serious about this.


Nazhir Jackson
 is the newest (and youngest) intern at Brio Solutions. He enjoys blogging because it gives him the opportunity to be creative every once in awhile outside of coding. Check back every other week to hear more from him!


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