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6 Key IT Tips and Takeaways from Technical Difficulty

As part of Philly Tech Week 2017, we hosted a sold-out event of executive panelists who discussed how to successfully leverage emerging technology to support and sustain business growth. Below are some insights from Technical Difficulty that you can use to begin improving your IT department today. 

1. Relationships with the cloud vary.

John Furey of Spark Therapeutics is feeling it out, or as he puts it, “dating the cloud.” Then there's Chuck Virtu of Petplan Insurance who has a rocky relationship with the cloud. Due to the company's rapid growth, Chuck Virtu says he needs to revisit the private cloud strategy they put in place four years ago, but with his claim that the “private cloud is built for resilience,” his commitment seems serious. 

Tip: The cloud isn’t for everything and everyone. Take the time to conduct thorough research to ensure you choose a solution that best fits your organization and needs. 

2. Those in the cloud sing its praises.

Chuck Virtu said he enjoys the fact the company has no need to worry if they lose power in the office because, with the cloud, his team can access all their information from anywhere. Both panelists from Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano, Shawn Lehocky and Jackie Donovan,  joined in to discuss how Litify, a cloud solution built specifically for law firms on the Salesforce platform, is changing the game for the law industry. 

Fact: According to Forbes, 70% of all organizations have at least one app in the cloud today. Organizations are using multiple cloud models to meet their business’s needs, including private (62%), public (60%), and hybrid (26%).

3. Purchasing and planning for IT need to be strategic.

Shawn Lehocky warned that businesses need to have a plan for the IT system you will need in 5 years. Chuck Virtu chimed in and stated that with the responsibility of an IT organization, you cannot just spend on sexy stuff. 

Help: Not sure where to begin to get your IT strategic plan off the ground? An IT Process Maturity Audit reviews your organization’s internal IT workings to see where improvements can be made, get in touch with us to learn more.  

4. Take a new approach to It research.

Doing research within your industry is just the bare minimum. As Shawn Lehocky suggested, research how other industries are utilizing IT. Shawn Lehocky says he actually spends 90-95% percent of his research on radically different industries. 

Get creative: Start your IT research with an industry you admire or know little about. When you find a new approach outside your realm, challenge yourself to find a way you can implement a similar solution in your industry. 

5. Your IT department should be hardworking and business minded.

Jackie Donovan stated when coming to work “... you shouldn’t just roll up your sleeves, you should come to work with a short sleeve shirt on." Cass Bailey, CEO of Slice Communications, overheard another attendee say,  "I look for people in IT who can figure it out and understand how businesses work."

Questions to Reflect On: Does your IT department align with business goals? How can you better approach IT from a business standpoint? Are your employees driven and satisfied? What incentives can you use to increase motivation and critical thinking? 

6. The capabilities of AI/ML are endless. 

Cass Bailey tweeted during the event, "biggest lesson learned from #AI: things you believe about your business may be wrong." From automating manual processes to predictive insights, how much more machine learning can improve your business is unpredictable. All we know is that it’s here and it’s evolving. Shawn Lehocky reported that AI is only used supplementally--for now. 

Fact: There's A Lack of Intelligence About Artificial Intelligence



Did you enjoy Technical Difficulty? Because we'll be hosting similar events in the near future! Keep an eye out, or contact to get on the mailing list. 

We would like to thank all the participants who helped make the event possible: 

PCS IT Built to Scale, Co-Organizer

Karl Stark, Business News Editor at The Philadelphia Inquirer, Moderator 

John Furey, COO of Spark Therapeutics, Inc., Panelist 

Shawn Lehocky, CSO of Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano, Panelist

Jackie Donovan, COO of Pond Lehocky Stern Giordano, Panelist 

Chuck Virtu, Director of IT at Petplan Pet Insurance, Panelist

Reena Driggs, Former Global IT Director of CRC Industries

Layer 8 Security, Sponsor

Royer Cooper Cohen Braunfeld LLC, Sponsor

Katie Hagan is taking the lead on managing the Brio Blog among many other marketing duties as Operations and Communications Assistant at Brio Solutions.


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