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Add a CIO to Your Executive Team

When technology isn’t the main focus of your business, understanding jargon and finding the right solution can be frustrating. Traditional, hands-off IT departments are a thing of the past; technology decisions have major business implications today. Having the input of a knowledgeable and involved IT department at the executive level leads to business growth and increased efficiency that has a lasting impact.

That’s where we come in. Collaboration is so ingrained in our process that our clients see us as an integral part of their management team. Our CIO Consulting services focus on understanding your business so we can suggest the best possible technical solutions.

Practice Areas

Fostering Business Growth through Technology

    • Identify the problem points in your business, and discover technical solutions that automate processes, freeing up employee time for other tasks and saving you money.
    • Understanding what you have in place now and what you need to move your business forward.
    • Know the financial impact of the technical features you want to implement to make informed decisions about your budget.

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Measuring the Success of Technical Efforts

    • Understand how to measure success and maintain an efficiently run IT department that's focused on core priorities.
    • Plan for how to run day-to-day technical operations so that relevant staff and vendors respond quickly to problems, and perform routine maintenance regularly.
    • Take a proactive approach on security to remediate the risks associated with a security breach before it happens.

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Protecting Your Investment in Technology

    • Avoid downtime by having a backup plan in place in case of a disruption, like a power outage or flood.
    • Ensure that your team knows how to carry out a plan to restore service through training sessions that simulate a real outage.
    • Get assistance in identifying and engaging the best external vendors to provide the services you need for continuity.

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