Maximizing technical services and uptime by proactively mitigating risks

What happens if my web server goes down? If a snowstorm or flood cripples travel conditions in my area, will my employees still be able to perform important tasks, like invoicing, remotely? IT Service Continuity Management ensures that your business critical day-to-day operations carry on, even in the face of a technical disaster.

IT Continuity Management

Working alongside your internal team, our experts design business continuity plans that provide end-to-end coverage on potential continuity risks, mitigation options, and recovery plans. Here’s how.

Defining Your Continuity Risks

Anything that threatens your business and could cause a disruption to providing regular service is a business continuity risk. Possible threats run the gamut from technical failures to natural disasters and security threats, and can affect any part of your business - including operations, finances, information security, and more. Examples include:

  • A massive outage at the data center where your data is stored makes your information completely inaccessible.
  • A hacker runs a DoS attack on your website, discontinuing service for users and potentially exposing sensitive data.
  • Your logistics software crashes, causing your operations to grind to a halt.

Creating a Plan to Avoid Risks

We identify the key operational areas of your business that need to keep running no matter what, and then we create appropriate, cost-justifiable processes and procedures that ensure continuity if those systems are compromised.

Training and Testing Your Staff

With a plan in hand, we make sure that all relevant staff members are trained in business continuity procedures by running real-life simulations of disruptions and activating the appropriate continuity plan. Simulating each scenario helps employees become comfortable with their tasks, and identifies gaps that need to be addressed further.

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