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Auditing Technical Operations to Improve IT Department

Conducting a technical audit to uncover what IT components required improvement.


The client was feeling the pain of an under performing IT department -- but had no way of articulating the exact problem, let alone finding the solution. Infrastructure capacity, support services, connectivity, disaster recovery, governance and application ecosystems all needed to be in-step or the client would risk not being able to meet business objectives. Support requests were high, IT employees were overworked, outages were common, tasks and projects were scheduled reactively, and there was no way to answer the question: “Did IT have a successful quarter?”  

To identify what dimensions were deficient, Brio distilled IT services into individual components to be rated on a maturity scale. Subject matter experts, key stakeholders, and executive sponsors were interviewed and asked fifty questions for each IT service being audited (e.g., “Do IT experts have the authority to impose meaningful improvements related to items involved in their expertise?,” “Do the actors in this process have the required skills to be successful?” )

Audit results showed that core issue was not a lack of technical talent but a lack of operational management. There were no activities identified per technician to allow for proactive remediation. Furthermore, IT had no meaningful decision maker with the authority to make impactful changes. The client needed to define responsibilities, daily/weekly/monthly task lists, and manage their successful completion. 

The Result: Ongoing, Proactive Support Management 

    • Reduced support requests based on identifying capacity issues before they become a problem.
    • Reduced down time for core systems.
    • Increased technical morale and reduced turnover.
    • IT value is understood by executive leadership and not seen as a cost center.

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