Selling in the Salesforce Cloud

Improving business and sales management transitioning data and processes into Salesforce.

With a sales process that was documented through email and a mix of spreadsheets, Xelerate needed to manage and track their sales process more efficiently.  Within 8 weeks, Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM system, was configured to suite as a primary system for Xelerate’s internal processes. Xelerate now utilizes Salesforce for sales management, event scheduling, task tracking, and email automation all in one organized platform. 

The Solution: Comprehensive Salesforce Implementation

    • Developed an efficient sales processes to track hours and send invoices near contract end. 
    • Transitioned prospect and customer data from spreadsheets to Salesforce, where sales process can be effortlessly tracked and updated in one place. 
    • Evaluated and implement plugins for Outlook and web browsers to streamline the process of entering and updating Salesforce data.
    • Developed executive reports, standard reports, and dashboards for applicable departments.
    • Implemented Cirrus Insight to streamline email processing.
    • Deployed an app that captures business card images and imports the information right into the Salesforce CRM.

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